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Travel Case

Here's a sneak peek at our upcoming travel case!

We're in the final stages of development and are planning to launch in January!

Our new travel case is built with a hard-shell exterior and a shaped and padded interior to make traveling with your glass incredibly safe and easy.

Whether you're going to a friend's house, camping in the mountains, or flying to another country, you can take your favorite glass with you.

  • Hardshell Case

    The elevated glass adds presence and elegance, yet it's not too tall so that it feels easy to knock over, or can’t fit in a dishwasher.

  • Padded Interior

    The lightweight design of the crystal glass provides an extremely comfortable and effortless drinking experience. Titanium additives ensure durability.

  • Samples Bottles Included

    Every case comes with 2oz and 1oz vials so that you can bring your favorite spirits with you wherever you go. Best part? 3oz is the TSA limit, so it's airplane friendly!