Pricing Transparency

Bennuaine glassware isn't your typical glassware and we think everyone will benefit from knowing where their money goes when they purchase one of our stems.

As of late 2021, Europe - where our glasses are produced - recorded a 400% increase in natural gas pricing. In early 2022, it continued to increase. Gas is the primary power source of the furnaces that melt glass and need to be run 24/7. In addition to gas prices, the nature of something being made by hand means that more human effort goes into the production. A lot of the product ends up going in the recycle bin because it doesn't meet quality standards. At the end of the day, a single glass costs over $20 to produce.

On top of production, some other costs are freight (getting the product to us), shipping (we subsidize some of the cost to get the product to you), packaging, credit card transaction fees, marketing, and of course, taxes.

Our promise to you is to keep prices as fair as possible, while staying dedicated to the quality you deserve.