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Whisky & Spirits Glass - Titanium Edition

Whisky & Spirits Glass - Titanium Edition

The absolute highest quality European hand-blown titanium crystal stemware.

Designed to provide you with a luxurious and detailed drinking experience that minimizes alcohol burn when nosing. Whether it's for daily drams or special pours, your spirits deserve beautiful glassware.

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Hand-Blown Construction

These glasses are made by old-world craftsmen in Europe. The glass shop has been producing exclusively hand-made glassware for over 200 years.

Titanium Crystal

The glasses are made with a titanium crystal composition that is lead-free and surpasses European standards and ensures terrific clarity and brilliance.

Durable & Dishwasher Safe

Modern materials and production standards mean these are tough. The glass includes titanium for strength. You can put them in the
dishwasher! The short stem enables them to fit in pretty much all top
racks as well.

Eco-friendly Shipping

Glasses are shipped in recyclable boxes with paper filling. No foams or plastics.

Michelin Restaurant Approved

The glass is loved by world-class establishments such as Michelin-starred Providence in Los Angeles to Atomix in NYC and Timberyard in Edinburgh.

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  • Durability

    The elevated glass adds presence and elegance, yet it's not overly tall.
    It is stable on any flat surface and can easily fit in all

  • Ultra-Light

    The lightness of the crystal provides an extremely comfortable and effortless drinking experience. Titanium strengthening ensures durability.

  • Clarity & Brilliance

    The crystal glass meets the highest of European production standards. It's free of color tinting or distortion, and reflects light cleanly and gracefully.

  • Volume

    The wide maximum diameter enables up to a 2oz or 50ml pour to rest in the widest part of the bowl. There's plenty of space inside the glass to hold those great aromas.

  • Focus

    A dramatic linear taper concentrates all the aromas up to a short neck
    where they can closely intermingle before releasing into open air.

  • Release

    The flared lip allows your nose to enjoy concentrated aromas yet provides enough distance from the spirit so you are not overwhelmed. The glass delivers mid-palate and with fair volume.

The Ideal Balance

Bennuaine offers excellent balance between high aeration and significant focus.

The wide maximum diameter enables more oxygen to interact with the spirit, encouraging greater release of the compounds that produce all those wonderful scents.  A linear taper then concentrates those aromas up to a short neck where they can closely intermingle before releasing into open air. The flared lip cups your nose to lock in the detailed aromas, while providing some distance so you are not overwhelmed. It's all a delicate balance.

Benefits of a Stem

Many think that choosing between stemmed and stemless glassware is simply a personal preference.

Discerning enthusiasts typically prefer stemware as it eliminates fingerprints from clouding the bowl and hiding the spirit inside, as well as reducing any distracting aromas on your hand from lotion, soap, or food that may affect your nosing experience.

Durability is not a serious concern with our design as the stem is relatively compact and fortified
with titanium - the highest strength-to-weight metal.

1:1 Replacement Program

Sometimes accidents happen.

Maybe your pup hears the pour of your whiskey or mezcal, comes running over, jumps on the table, and knocks your glass over. For whatever the reason might be, if your original glass breaks, we will replace it at the wholesale cost, no questions asked.