Pronounced: Benn-Yoo-En

Definition: "Green Mountain" in Scottish Gaelic

The founder, Bryan Green, on his first trip to Scotland drove hundreds of miles and was constantly stopping and photographing the lush green mountains. GPS may factor in traffic, but the lesson learned was that it doesn't account for photography time. It seemed fitting to name the business after one of the most majestic elements of Scotland.

The Founder

I'm Bryan. I've been an enthusiastic single malt consumer and student since my first taste well over a decade ago. This hobby and passion has led me across the world, introduced me to tons of new friends, and I'm so excited to be able to create something special for the community. Here's some more of this story.

Regarding whisk(e)y and spirits, I love it all - but especially a medium smoked, briney, and oily single malt. Also, to the surprise of many, I thoroughly enjoy a richly sweet yet acidic dessert wine. I also do some writing over on Malt Review when I have a minute.