Refund policy

We want to do everything we can to ensure you're happy with your crystalware.

You will have a 45 day trial window to experience your new glasses and see if they live up to expectations. We think you'll love them, but if for any reason you wish to return them, you may.

If the glasses arrive broken, we will replace them.

If your glasses break during everyday use for any reason, we offer a 1:1 replacement at wholesale cost.

The Bennuaine Whisky Glasses are the result of skilled human glassblowers, incomparable to mass machine production. As a result the glasses may have very slight variations, such as the following:

• Very small air bubbles can become trapped in the glass
• Hand tool marks
• Slightly asymmetrical form or variation in glass distribution

Each and every glass goes through the tightest production standards and receives stringent quality checks, but if your glass has any of these variations in extremes, we will exchange them!